Our Team

We’re a local and global collaboration of world-class growers, industry experts and key stakeholders.

Every member of the Eqalis team is dedicated to producing outstanding medicinal cannabis products, and positively impacting the health and lives of New Zealanders.

Clinical Advisor Board

The Clinical Advisory Board seeks advice from key clinicians to ensure decisions they make are focused on medical professional requirements and patient focused care. This committee includes senior figures from a range of medical backgrounds.


Our founding shareholders include:

  • A globally recognized manuka honey and nutraceutical pioneer
  • A retired merchant banker
  • Two serial entrepreneurs (multitude of successful start ups, 70+ years combined experience)
  • Two Rongoa (traditional Maori medicine) specialists
  • Two marketing and advertising specialists
  • Four horticulture export specialists (one kiwifruit, one avocado, two crop infrastructure experts)
  • Six medical professionals (3 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 pharmacist)